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About Brain Injury…

Each year over 1.4 million people in the United States sustain traumatic brain injuries. Brain injury has been referred to as the “silent epidemic”. The annual incidence of TBI alone is higher than that of breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury and HIV/AIDS combined.

At Rehabilitation Specialists we are committed to the personal needs of the individuals and their families whose lives have been affected by a trauma, sports related concussion, or other neurological disorders and diseases.

Who We Are…

Over twenty-five years ago, Rehabilitation Specialists was born out of a recognized need for specialized and individualized treatment for those affected by a brain injury. Today, we continue to provide those specialized services in our outpatient rehabilitation center, residential treatment settings, and the community. Individualized treatment is offered as a comprehensive program or stand-alone service. Our services include cognitive rehabilitation, neuropsychological evaluation and treatment, occupational, speech/language, and physical therapies, residential rehabilitation as well as pre-vocational and vocational services. All of our services are CARF accredited.

Rehabilitation Specialists is also committed to driving a continuous, powerful awareness campaign about brain injury within the community. We provide information and in-services at local hospitals and schools, conferences, state agencies, and insurance companies. Additionally, we coordinate a Walk for Thought/Cycle for Safety an annual fundraising event for the Brain Injury Association of New Jersey, and are intimately involved in the ImPact concussion program.

Our robust outpatient treatment is performed at our new 10,000 square foot facility, where our committed staff, both clinical and corporate, is available for our clients and their families. Residential rehabilitation is provided in our residential treatment homes throughout our local communities. Our team and treatment program are continuously evolving to insure we are in sync with innovations in the field of brain injury rehabilitation.

In addition to our outpatient and residential treatment settings, we utilize the community as part of the therapy for our clients to help them recognize their abilities and to insure they can re-enter those communities when they are ready.

We invite you to come, tour, and see for yourself what makes us an outstanding choice in meeting your rehabilitation needs. To arrange a tour or learn more about our services, please call 201-478-4200 ext.13.

“What is Community Re-Entry?”

A community re-entry philosophy is one that allows clients to learn skills in real life settings rather than only in clinical environments.

Treatment takes place in individual or group settings. All clients receive an initial assessment and a treatment plan that includes a projection for outcomes. These projections have time frames and cost estimates, are measured on a regular basis, and are compared to actual progress.

The clinical approach is a collaborative one, which includes the client, their family, case coordinators, neuropsychologist, and therapy teams.

Companies like Lowes Stores, Shop Rite and the local public libraries work with our team to provide clients with real-life opportunities for their rehabilitation and continued progress.

If you should have any questions about the services we provide or to learn more about how Rehabilitation Specialists can meet your needs, please contact Carol Sloman at (201) 478-4200 extension 13, or e-mail to

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